Sunday, July 19, 2009

50 things I love

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

A terrible day. I have disappointed someone and myself by making a huge work mistake. Big enough to cost. There will be consequences, and I face the music tomorrow. If there is one thing that brings me down that dark oozing hole of depression, it's disappointing someone. My friend Margaret, who is also having her share of bad days, recommended that I make a list of everything that I love. I will amend that somewhat with the words of my friend Janet who has also seen her share of devastation: everything I am thankful for. So here it goes:

1. My daughter Iris
2. My husband Robert
3. My mother Doris
4. My father George
5. My cat Peanut
6. My cat Juniper
7. My lovely house
8. My deck
9. Our property on the river
10. The food we eat
11. The clothes I wear
12. My sister Claire and her family
13. Our neighbor kids that are entertaining Iris right now
14. Our new bed
15. Going back to school to study something I feel to be incredibly worthwhile, positive and meaningful.
16. The plants in my garden
17. Isabelle
18. Mariam
19. Tina
20. Jolana
21. Krista
22. Jennifer
23. Ben
24. Gretchen
25. Bob and Mary
26. A working dishwasher
25. A working washing machine and dryer
26. That this (work) phase of my life is nearly over
27. My daughter Iris
28. My daughter Iris
29. My daughter Iris
30. My husband Robert
31. Margaret
32. Janet
33. The positive learning experiences I have had
34. My son Lyle
35. My son Lyle
36. My daughter Iris
37. My daughter Iris
38. My relative physical health
39. The peaceful and wonderful breaks I experience between depressive episodes
40. Music
41. The New Yorker
42. Good books to read
43. Cuties
44. Knowing how to cook good food for me and my family
45. My Grandfather's corner china cabinet
46. The dining room table and chairs we bought with our wedding money
47. The memories of Pork Chop and Teddy
48. The park across the street
49. Peace, when there is some
50. The love I feel from my family and friends

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