Friday, July 10, 2009

Next steps

Thank you Mary for your comment and story! I am so sorry for your loss. It is just another reminder that there are so many women out there with these stories. I know that several books have been published bursting at the seams with stories like ours, and yet there are always more women whose stories need to be heard. Stories that may change medical, physiological and support protocols.

This is the next step: to do all we can to prevent this from happening all too often, and to help friends, family, work place, and community support women when it does happen. As I may have said, I am currently going back to school to study acupuncture and oriental medicine. Hopefully on this path I will be able to do my part on both of these agendas. I am also beginning to correspond with someone here in Minneapolis about creating some protocols at the work place on how to support co-workers, colleagues and employees in the case of baby loss. We'll see where it goes but I am driven and hopeful.

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